Rock is the material backbone to Simon’s creative explorations and conceptual focus. Over the years his physical involvement with rock has become increasingly minimal as he combines this most traditional of sculpting materials with more contemporary and technically challenging ones such as clear cast resin, cast stainless steel, mirrors and photography.

Typically the sculptures consist of opposing parts that suggest a unity or the possibility of a relationship that is, or was, once intimate and that could perhaps be so again. By isolating a section of the physical world and presenting that with it’s alter ego, the work presents us with a number of states, or possibilities for that which is, or could be. The sculptures reflect what is around us, acknowledging beauty, the natural world and our position within it.

My studio practice underpins everything and is centered on my fascination with rock and what position it holds in our psyche. My public commissions are continually informed by these studio explorations, yet with an acute awareness of the specifics of place. In both realms I am fascinated by the difference between the human and the non-human – what passes and what outlasts.”