Cheeseburn is showing sculpture by Russ which combines his fascination with concrete, casting and stone together with an installation of gilded and polished  stone pieces across the Terrace Garden  adjacent to Cheeseburn Grange Hall.

For 2020 Russ has presented 4 new boulder works at Cheeseburn including:

Rhamnousia. Black dolorite glacial boulder
Hestia. Igneous grey granite glacial boulder with Gneiss inclusions
Doris. Green Impact breccia from upper Teesdale
Orithya. orange Scottish granite erratic

“I wish that I could say that I make wondrous and diverse artworks for complicated and clever reasons.But in truth I am just trying to make sense of my life and experiences. At heart I am still the 8 year old boy wanting to show you what he has discovered outside in the yard. I use the sum of my learning both in the physical and the cerebral. my years of manual labour in the building and construction industry and the decade spent carving memorials and lettering inscriptions feed into the meditations and processes that I have harnessed as a sculptor over the last twenty three years.  I see no hierarchy of materials, only there suitability for differing uses,  “its all star dust”. I do like hard stones for the fact that they may hold a form for centuries more than other materials. I like concrete for its various properties, being at differing stages a stone then a powder then a liquid then a form of stone again.”