Peter J Evans  lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne. He attended Dartington College of Arts from 1995-1998 earning a BA (Hons) in Visual Performance, later achieving an MRes in Digital Media from Newcastle University between 2008-2010. His practice involves sculpture, installation, drawing and performance which are linked by a continued exploration of systems, maps and patterns. Evans’ artistic process is a thoughtful investigation into reality and the stories underneath the everyday surface of things, his drawings are seen as metaphorical maps describing interactions between objects, atoms and places. Since a residency in Finland during 2002 Peter J Evans has been making drawings that attempt to mark out and describe the interactions between things.

“The interest in what lies beneath the everyday surface of things, the patterns in the chaos and the small moments that shift one’s whole being continue to pull on the hand and the mind. The practice keeps shifting and flowing along with everything else as decay and renewal endlessly progress as the seconds tick past. Making work is just another way of trying to make sense of what all this might be about” – Peter J Evans