i) Ring Out ii) Old Yew

Environmental sound artist, Nell Catchpole has created two sound installations based around Cheeseburn’s Yew trees.  Traditionally, the slow growing, long-living Yew is associated with death, immortality and regeneration. 

The installations are a response to current disturbances and disruptions: to the normal boundaries of self, home, inside/outside.  Sounds sourced from inside the Grange are relocated in unfamiliar relationship with the landscape.   Servants’ bells are rehoused at the edge of the woods, and hymn-like chords from the chapel harmonium are diffused inside the hidden wilderness in front of the house.  The artist continues her sound-making amongst the trees.

Nell explores her relationship with the natural environment through ritualized, improvisatory sound performance, working with found organic materials in direct dialogue with the environment.  As a form of participation in the living landscape, this is sometimes a way to lose the sense of self and become immersed, sometimes a way to unsettle and challenge habits of perception and meaning.

As composer/performer, Nell has collaborated with artists including Brian Eno, Hofesh Shechter and Kate Tempest with new works at the Barbican, Royal Opera House and Edinburgh Festival.  She has recently moved to North Yorkshire.