Khosro was born in Iran but, prior to his 12 month residency with Varc during 2014/15, he travelled internationally moving from place to place and making artwork in response to landscapes in which he found himself.

“In my artistic process, the creation of a new work doesn’t come to life through an advanced plan. My work process starts with observation: an attempt to enter into a dialog with the specific context/material, explore its hidden qualities and create a new “shifted” reality without a limit for the artistic disciplines. Often the possibilities and limitations that a new situation creates or imposes on me, decide the tools and the disciplines that I use. Saying that use of technique and material needs to be coherent and express the “observed” idea.” – Khosro Adibi

After his residency he travelled the UK’s coast and Ireland, before returning to the rural Highgreen community in Northumberland, renovating a derelict shed which is where he makes his work.