Warp and Weft


Although firmly established in the North East, Cate is originally from Leeds. Most of her ancestors worked in the woollen mills of West Yorkshire.  Her sculptural glass seating ‘Warp and Weft’ makes reference to the movements, rhythms and processes involved in weaving cloth. In this piece Cate pays homage to the labours involved in the textile industry and woollen mills and celebrates the processes of making, both of cloth and in her own chosen material, glass.

The piece takes the form of a simple glass curve. Cate chooses to work in glass for its versatility, its ability to work with light and its ability to be a vehicle for imagery. Having searched widely for the ‘right’ weave, Cate decided to make her own textile in order to create the image she required. A full size piece of textile was woven by Cate, photographed and digitally manipulated to create the desired image for the work.