Jill Gibson is multi-disciplinary artist, working across platforms including sculpture, video, installation and drawing. Her practice is largely research based and is an on-going exploration of material and form – an enquiry into how we communicate through our bodies and through language and through the objects we surround ourselves with.

The works included in the 2020 summer show at Cheeseburn is entitled ‘Heavenly Garden’ – Aphros and The Muses, and are constructed from cast foam, Jesmonite, steel, Lycra and concrete.  The works are a collection of several pieces all partaking of a commonality of material and form, and yet each being unique, having their own identity within a space and therefore each piece demanding to be regarded separately.

‘I wanted the pieces to evoke ‘a sense of the sacred and ritual’.

Jill is originally from Sheffield, She studied her undergraduate course at Glasgow School of Art and her MA in Sunderland and currently works between two studios, Cullercoats, Newcastle U.K. and in the Charente, France.