Martin Paul Eccles “trace no trace


Martin P Eccles studied Fine Art (BA) at Newcastle University, graduating in June 2016. He is currently undertaking a creative practice PhD (Fine Art) at Newcastle University. His practice aims to reflect the experience of his presence in and walking through natural environments.  He use a range of methods (predominantly sound and text) to respond to the time, distance, place and space of the landscape.

trace no trace” is a critical engagement with movement through time-space. It comprises a pair of works – “No. 1: trace” (installed at Allenheads Contemporary Arts in April 2018) examines walking in the context of two walks into a lead mine and an unmarked walk on the fell above, following the route of the underground passages; “No. 2: no trace” (installed at Cheeseburn Grange in May 2018) examines walking in the context of two walks, each one upstream and downstream, along a common route, in the river which runs through the grounds at Cheeseburn.

Martin has exhibited in group shows at: Watchtower Gallery, Berwick upon Tweed (2014); XL Gallery Newcastle University (2015); Culture Lab, Newcastle University (2016, 2017) and to a group radio broadcast in 2017. He has had solo shows/works at: The North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers, Newcastle upon Tyne (2015); Fine Art Department, Newcastle University, Watchtower Gallery Berwick upon Tweed (2016); Culture Lab, Newcastle University (2017) and ‘Sound+Environment’, Hull, (2017) and a solo radio programme on Framework Radio (

Martin has published work in Alliterati magazine and contributed to various sound projects.